Crema de Fruta

Crema de Fruta with delicious layers of from-scratch sponge cake, sweet custard, and fruit gelatin is sure to wow the crowd! It’s the perfect holiday or any time of the year treat!

Hello everyone! It’s Sanna from Woman Scribbles here again to share with you another fabulous recipe and it’s none less than the classic Filipino dessert, crema de fruta!

I am so excited Christmas is here, this is truly the best season of the year! I just love the atmosphere of joy and cheer, the spirit of kindness and generosity. And, of course, all the baked treats abound! Everywhere I turn there seems to be a trayful of cookies or brownies or sweet cakes to enjoy!

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday dessert, what can be better to celebrate this joyful season than the festive crema de fruta? Deliciously layered with from-scratch sponge cake, sweet custard, fruit cocktail, and gelatin, it’s sure to be the highlight of your festivities!

While pulling together the three elements of this dessert may seem too complicated and there are indeed simpler no-bake versions of the recipe using graham crackers, broas or store-bought cakes, making the sponge cake from scratch is really worth the effort. By following the tips below, you’ll have your cake base ready in no time!

Tips for Making the Sponge Cake:

  • Sponge cakes don’t have leavening agents such as baking soda or baking powder and rely solely on the air that is beaten into eggs to in order to rise. For this reason, making sponge cakes involve beating whole eggs together with sugar until the mixture is pale, thick and has tripled in volume. It should almost be like a delicately textured whipped cream. When you lift a spatula from it, it should create an indentation that does not sink back immediately to the rest of the mixture.
  • Add the dry ingredients to the whipped eggs gradually and carefully, folding it in with a rubber spatula in gentle scooping motions until the flour mixture is incorporated, so you don’t deflate the whipped eggs too much.
  • Make sure to sift the flour mixture a couple of times. Do not skip this step as it is important that the powders are fine and lump free so they will dissolve easily into the eggs when


Tips on How to Make Crema de Fruta:

  • To assemble the dessert, use a clear square container roughly the same size as the cake.
  • Allow the cake and custard to sufficiently cool before putting everything together.
  • Arrange the drained fruit cocktail on top of the custard in an even layer to ensure they’re completely covered by the gelatin.
  • Allow the gelatin to firm up for about thirty minutes and refrigerate the cake for at least 6 hours or overnight to fully set. This delicious dessert is best served cold!

That’s it, my friends! I wish you all a Christmas as merry as this fruity dessert! Make sure to drop by my blog, Woman’s Scribbles, for more delicious recipes to add to your holiday festivities!

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